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Bilbo Baggins' Journal

Periain melar maded. Man mela maded beriain?

22 September
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The insane_lotr_rpg is Insane Love

After a rather un-hobbitlike life of being a hero and starting a chain of events that would change the world as we know it just by being lucky at riddles, I've decided to kick back, write up my memoirs (as promised), and revel in the glory of my share of the dragon's hoard.

Oh, and since my return I have managed to acquire a nephew. Or cousin. Either way, my days now are spent cleaning up his messes, getting him out of scrapes, and pretending I have no idea what goes on between him and our gardener.

Cocktail of Geeks

{X} Frodo Baggins
{X} Merry Brandybuck
{X} Nightcrawler
{X} Samwise Gamgee
{X} John Locke
{X} Daniel 'Rudy' Ruettiger
{X} Bilbo Baggins
{X} Pippin Took
{X} Galadriel
{X} Jack Shepard

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MORE: Am I bookverse? Movieverse? Canon? Fanon? Who knows?! I'm totally AU, so put down those crossbows. In fact, in all actuality, I am a 19 year old girl. No, seriously. I RP as one of the oldest here, but I think I'm one of the youngest XD

DISCLAIMER: This journal is NOT meant in any way to bash, offend, or put-down J.R.R. Tolkien, his world, or his works (Trilogy by New Line Cinema and Peter Jackson inclusive). I'm a huge-ultra Lord of the Rings fan, and this journal is one of the ways I show my devotion. LOTR, Bilbo Baggins, and other characters mentioned/interacted with are not owned by me, I make no money off of this.

DISCLAIMER PART DEUX: This journal is NOT for little children. Or any children. This journal contains drug references and lewd comments.

DISCLAIMER THE THIRD: Background image is copyright J.R.R. Tolkien and John Howe. Banner made by smoke_rings186. Font used: Jefferson.